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Recording studio equipment


Only with high quality audio can your project reach its full potential. At digiVibes, audio production is our specialty. And we understand the need for high quality production at an affordable price. We work with some of the industries leading voice actors, source from top music and sound effect sites, and have decades of experience in delivering crystal clear, top quality audio that's ready for broadcast. Contact us today to discuss your vision

Voice Overs

Connect with some of the industries best voice over artists. Check out our partners over at Organic Voice Overs for more info!

Sound Design/Sound Effects/Music

Need help with sound effects and music? We out source from a collection of leading sites to make your project truly come to life. And if you're looking to take it a step further, digiVibes will compose custom music and design original sound effects for your project

Audio Post Production

Sound is what brings your project to life. With high quality audio post production, your production can truly reach its full potential. At digiVibes, we're equipped to help in any and all aspects of audio post production. Reach out today to discuss your project and find out more about how we can help!

Audio Mastering

Is your project already recorded and mixed? The pros at digivibes can polish your mixes with balance, precision and consistency. Proficient implementation of of the finest classic mastering compressors and consoles carry your mix to the next level, and add that special…something. Advanced audio metering ensure desirable color and dynamic range.

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