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Doctor Wu - "Time Out of Mind"

Full analog console emulation, re-recording with room and mic simulations, virtualization of highly-prized mastering consoles and compressors...when digiVibes received the opportunity to mix tracks from a premier 11-piece Steely Dan tribute band from L.A., we used every tool in our arsenal. Each band member recorded their own audio tracks, and filmed their own video. digiVibes assembled and polished to a high sheen

Doctor Wu - "Home At Last"

The first of two video projects we had the pleasure of editing and mixing with this outstanding band. Congratulations to Doctor Wu for the thousands of views this video continues to count on YouTube

Avenger Flight Group Flight Simulator

How do you make something cool even cooler? Avenger Flight Group tasked digiVibes with bringing their already amazing time-lapse to life with just the right music, sound effects, 3D motion graphics, and video editing. See the construction of an Airbus A320 full-motion flight simulator. (and yes, they let us try it out) Photography by Robert Giordano /

Korean War Veterans Exhibit

This video was produced for an exhibit for the Southwest Florida Military Museum. We teamed up with Author Charlie Valera as the off-camera interviewer. We hear unscripted responses from real life heroes, recorded on-location; warmly and naturally, at 96kHz, utilizing a Sennheiser MKH-416, through a virtual tube preamp and LA-2A compressor. This was then mixed & edited in post production using Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro

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