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  • Can digivibes help me cast a voice actor or VoiceOver talent?
    Yes! digiVibes has created content with some of the industries leading voice talents for decades while building excellent relationships with many of them.
  • What is a directed remote recording session at digiVibes?
    A directed remote recording session is where we connect live from our studios to a voice actor or VoiceOver talent. We do this with a studio-quality low-latency audio link over the Internet. Once connected, digiVibes then can simultaneously connect with you or your team for direction or supervision. We generate the type of creative interactions one expects when humans work together in the studio — virtually
  • What’s so extraordinary about digiVibes’ stable of talent?
    Some voiceovers and voice actors consistently deliver the goods; they have high availability and they understand their industry; they take their equipment and sound seriously; their rates and terms are fair reasonable; they take direction well and are a joy to produce. Supremely professional and reliable, they are our ‘go-to’ voice talent
  • Does digivibes also cast from other pools of voice talent?
    Yes, digiVibes also discovers outstanding voice talent through our networks, and by utilizing multiple voice-over websites. When casting a wide net, digiVibes evaluates dozens of submitted voice auditions, narrowing the field to those talents matching our criteria — and your specifications and terms. You’ll hear only the best and brightest talent submissions when you cast with digivibes
  • Can digiVibes fix my noisy or distorted audio recordings?
    digiVibes can reduce or virtually remove many common types of noise. Pops, clicks, and even wet mouth noise are banished to the land of wind and ghosts. Reverb from ‘live’ sounding rooms can be tamed, with tools that dry out the echo. digiVibes can even rebuild the waveform of distorted or clipped audio, in most cases
  • What is digiVibes? 
    digiVibes is a virtual recording studio and production facility, without a physical headquarters. Our sessions and interactions occur primarily in digital space, with studio-quality audio and video links from anywhere, to…everywhere
  • What are virtual studios?
    Connect and direct with digiVibes Virtual Studios from anywhere, in the highest quality available, while we record and process (read: electrify) with the latest plug-ins and sublime emulations of venerated vintage gear
  • How do I book a virtual recording session with digiVibes?
    digiVibes strives to make it easy to book a virtual session based on your communication preferences. If phone is your choice, our clients receive a direct line to speak with a live, human producer or engineer—we can even patch you in to your session via phone. If email is your preference, you can expect prompt replies and fast turnaround. Contact us today to get started
  • How much will my production cost at digiVibes?
    That depends on a number of factors. Fortunately, we’ve worked on many different types of projects and productions and we can help. A consultation and quote with digiVibes is simple, quick, and free. Contact us today
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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