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Our History

Welcome to Digital Vibrations! Founded by David Michael Hughes, “digiVibes” as many like to call it, has been specializing in audio and audio post production for advertising agencies, film makers, and more since 1996.  Sourcing from a handful of the industries top music libraries and with the ability and experience to create original compositions and sound effects, digiVibes is here to provide you with everything you need to bring your project to life with high quality audio. digiVibes is also pleased to announce an expansion in their services with a new Videography department.

An unvarnished look at our early, and ever-evolving system in action during a busy day
1) Our lower rack formed the foundation with a PowerMac AV 66mHz PPC with NuBus Session8 card, 882 interface, outboard reverb processor, midi time piece, Proteus +Orchestral and more
2) A Korg T3 keyboard with 8MB of sounds and a floppy disc drive
3) CDs and paper scripts (paperless and digital delivery now)
4) Mackie 1202 mixer (digiVibes mixes entirely in the computer since the early 2000's)
5) The upper rack housed a patchbay, compressors, reverb, and Aural Exciter
6) Caffeine delivery system 
7) Broadcast monitor, mainly for proof during layback. We had QuickTime on the computer screen for spotting and scoring, although it wasn't much bigger than a postage stamp. We felt lucky to have smooth playback at 29.97fps at 360x240 resolution!
8) DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recorder, for both mastering AND backup (CD recorders were soon on the way)
9) CD player
10) Proofs were generally delivered on cassette, so it was helpful to be able to run 3 at a time
11) A 17" CRT monitor. That's right. We used to put our face in front of a beam of electrons
12) A portable Beta SP recorder. That day, we must have been capturing a show, commercial or TV program for audio sweetening or scoring
13) A simple midi fader box. We would eventually keep all our faders 'in the box' and on-screen

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