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There is no substitute for a directed session. Whether an audio production stands alone, or in support of video or images, a cohesive sound is vital to the emotional content of your message. Much of what generates the cohesive sound of an exceptional audio production stems from a collaboration between the producer and the voice talent. It’s an audio engineer’s attention to details, technical considerations, and issues of timing. It’s give-and-take. It’s a different view. It’s the interplay of the music and voice-over, the delivery and the intent. At the end of a recording session, it’s a fusion made possible by the simple act of humans creating together


Take your project to the next level with a connected, directed session with digiVibes. During our directed sessions, our clients and members can participate or just listen in, via phone or studio quality Internet link, at no additional cost to the client or talent. Connect with our Virtual Studios from anywhere, in the highest quality available. Direct talent from everywhere, from virtually anywhere, while we record and process (read: electrify) with the latest plug-ins and sublime emulations of venerated vintage gear


digiVibes Casting Services helps you find the right talent for your production with ease. Along with in-house talent and ‘The Stable’ of talent digivibes offers, we often cast a wide net with open castings. Our clients and members receive a short list for easy review, comprised of the best 5-10% of submissions. We can search for a specific sound, or a sound that’s more unspecific — undefined yet defined by the message


Wherever our subject is recorded, digiVibes can virtually teleport that recording into a perfect recording space. Need a studio quality recording of a client, or an interview with a person from Kalamazoo — while they’re on vacation in Keokuk — and you’re in Cucamonga? We can help!

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